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Phantom Cookies strain , also known as “Phantom Cookie,” is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain from Northern California that crosses a flavorful Cherry Pie with the resin-heavy Granddaddy Purple. Green and purple hues weave through the buds beneath a crystalline layer of trichomes, from which sprout Phantom Cookies’ electric orange hairs. Phantom cookies aroma is an intricate blend of earthiness and roasted nuts, accented by sweeter notes of grape and berry. Next comes this hybrid’s crushing euphoria which shakes the mind awake with creativity and happiness.

Phantom Cookies is a hybrid cannabis strain that’s usually sativa-dominant (sometimes balanced) and produces buds that smell and taste like roasted nuts and berries. It’s better known for its CBD content rather than THC content, but can be consumed for both medicinal and recreational reasons alike.

.THC levels of Phantom Cookies are a bit lower, around 12-15%, but CBD levels are higher (around 12%). Its high will increase creativity, uplift the spirits into a happy state of being, and relax the body and mind so that worries melt away. Completing creative endeavors or engaging in socialization become both easier and more enjoyable, though laziness may set in. Some note its ability to help with nausea, increasing appetite so expect the munchies.

Its terpenes include pinene, ocimene, and limonene. Together, they give Phantom Cookies its earthy, slightly fruity, pine forest-like scent. Phantom Cookies strain may promote an energizing feeling with more focused attention that is balanced by the relaxing effects of myrcene.


Growing information about phantom cookies strain.

Phantom Cookies strain may be grown outdoor or indoor, including greenhouse so as long as the ideal conditions are met and that growers have some level of knowledge and experience in growing cannabis.

While there is not much information regarding outdoor cultivation, it is reasonable to expect Phantom Cookies to do well in a temperate to warm climate.Phantom Cookies will be ready to harvest outdoors at the beginning of October, but indoor growers will wait 8 to 9 weeks for buds to finish flowering.

With indoor’s, this is another matter and in fact the preferable way of growing Phantom Cookies. For one thing, regardless if grown in a home or a greenhouse, growers could control the environment. For instance, because this strain is really short, grow lights could be positioned to provide a more even coverage. Using the Sea of Green (SOG) method, the vegetative growth stage could be reduced. In other words, growing indoor is faster and results in a massive harvest.


This strain helps a lot for several  medical purposes such as, stress ,pain, depression, fatigue, headache, anorexia

  • 33% of people say it helps with stress
  • 30% of people say it helps with pain
  • 28% of people say it helps with depression.


Effects of Phantom cookies strain.

Despite its various advantages or uses, this strain has its effects to the human body and mind. Some of these effects may include;

  • Calm
  • Creative
  • Happy
  • Hungry
  • Dizzy
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Nervous

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  1. jim caves

    slaps my cock ✅💪🏾🛸

  2. ghanam

    Energy burst before mellowing you out.

  3. hans anaku

    Lasts for a while. Good sedation and mellow high. Best look smell and taste ever. Top 3 indica. I’m a sativa guy tho. Def exotic and worth a try. I smile so much on this.

  4. podace

    The taste is amazing….crazy flavors

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