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Fatty’s Pre-Rolls

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Fatty’s Pre-Rolls are created with a special proprietary process that enhances the potency and flavor of the cannabis. By uniquely decarboxylating the cannabis, Fatty’s produces some of the smoothest and most potent smoke available. Take Cannabis to the next level. Try a true modern experience with THC enhanced Fatty’s Products.

Fatty’s provides the most premium medical marijuana products possible and we offer a wide variety of strains for each of our products. All of our flower is grown in-house to provide safe and pesticide-free cannabis and our facility was specially designed with the latest technology to produce products with the highest possible grade and consistency. We meticulously lab test for purity and potency and we are working to bring you more quality products to a collective near you.


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Relieves: Appetite Loss, chronic pains, Inflamations, Muscle spams, Stress
Flavors: Flowery, Lemon, Pine, Sweet .
Aromas: Citrus, Earthy, Floral, Woody
Effects:Creative, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting. Buy FATTY’S Pre-Roll online.


TOP SHELF QUALITY – Our pre rolls  are manufactured with only the highest quality exotic strains. Rest assured we serve just the best to our clients, since our upmost priority is to satisfy our customers.

THE REAL DEAL – Enjoy a truly delightful clean taste that is light and pure. Retain the flavor of your choosing & experience a slow, clean, smooth, proportionate burn the way it was intended.

FAST & EASY – Saves time & effort. Don’t waste your time with standard rolling papers. Each pre-roll cone comes attached with a 26mm filter tip ready to rock & roll. The tapered cone design makes it easy to lock and load without hassle. You don’t have to waste time rolling each time you want to smoke, especially for beginners who are facing difficulties in rolling a blunt.

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11 reviews for Fatty’s Pre-Rolls

  1. Swee34 (Verified Purchase)

    They hit very nice. I recommend taking a sewing needle and making a hole in the center of the blunt for the best air flow/burn.

  2. Bob (Verified Purchase)

    fs not 2 grams each weighed the flower out both and was barely even 3 gs like 1.5 per preroll and it smells hella weird doesnt even smell like flower

  3. Tyler (Verified Purchase)

    By far my favorite. This brand never disappoints me, whether it’s gummies or this preroll. I will be stocking up when it’s available again.

  4. Dick (Verified Purchase)

    I ordered 3 of these. They burn slow and hit very nice.

  5. Harrt (Verified Purchase)

    burns pretty slow, nice taste, and got me pretty baked

  6. Rey (Verified Purchase)

    This is a nice product as far as sprayed cannabis goes, I really enjoyed this and it got me stupid

  7. Hailey (Verified Purchase)

    Pretty cheap fast delivery and got me pretty high

  8. Rio (Verified Purchase)

    Imma keep it real wit u cuz ain’t nobody keep it real wit me. Dat shi smells pretty weird. I personally got a sensitive nose so da smell bothered me.

  9. Lamar (Verified Purchase)

    the rolls were a bit bigger than i expected, got the mango gelato and it tasted amazing the high was a mix between head and body but mostly head high. lasted a few hours and will buy again

  10. Axe (Verified Purchase)

    they aight, taste good smell good and good price fr

  11. Miley (Verified Purchase)

    burns good,taste good, smells good . very nice blunts.

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