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Sky High Carts



Buy Sky High Carts online. SKY HIGH GANG as a team continues to be one of the most engaged cannabis companies in the industry. Bringing people together and bridging communities by using the power of cannabis, that’s the reason why we’ve decided to partner with JOKES UP X GREEN DOT LABS X CHOICESLAB AND CAKE CARTS.

SKY HIGH ORIGINALS will like to reiterate that we will never jeopardize our quality and standards to make an extra bucks at the expense of the health of our loyal customers.

Our Cartridges has never caused sickness but rather a pleasant and refreshing experience, in comparison to lesser quality products, produced by others in the space.

Our goal has always been to provide transparency to consumers, with the use of up to date testing and uploaded lab results, for all of the products in our growing line.

Be rest assured that all Sky high Carts are now sealed and you can scan the package to check the lab results of the Carts you are consuming.

we are verified and licensed retailers of this products. 


  • Promotes Relaxation Long & stressful week? Help get relaxed
  • Removes headache Cannabis products can relieve you from headaches
  • Fights insomnia Having a hard time sleeping? Marijuana will help you get a good night sleep
  • Increases Appetite Not eating enough? Cannabis can help spark your appetite
  • Relieves Pain Take away joint or other body pains that maybe nagging you
  • Improves mood Be happy, smile & laugh. Cannabis will help improve your mood


SFV OG – Indcia WiFi- Indica Blue Dream – Sativa Cherry Pie – Sativa Lemon Skunk – Sativa Birthday Cake – Hybrid Cotton Candy – Hybrid Fruit Loops – Hybrid Grand Daddy Purple – Hybrid Chem Dawg-sativa Godgift-Indica Kinget louise-indica Cotton candy-Indica Pineapple Express-Sativa Mango-smothie-Hybrid Horchata-hybrid Buy Sky High Originals USA. From Sky High Originals Tested at 90.3% THC CO2 CCELL Carts Very good and they are clean hard hitting oil! Pre-filled vape cartridges are a helpful and cutting edge approach to get high. Also, they convey heavenly terpene-rich flavors.  These flavors don’t deliver a solid smell like smoke—since it’s vapor.