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Gary Payton marijuana strain 3.5g



Buy Gary Payton marijuana strain 3.5g online. A collaborate between Cookies and Power Genetics, Gary Payton is a highly coveted cookies cultivar named after the NBA Hall of Famer. Combining the Y and Snowman breeds a potent, flavorful, and colorful strain. It has high amounts of THC and almost no CBD, and middle-of-the-road effects that provide an even-keeled experience. Moreover, Cookies Gary Payton, also known simply as Gary Payton.It is a rare evenly balance hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa). Created through crossing the classic. The X snowman strains known for its hard-hitting high and long-lasting effects, Cookies Gary Payton is definitely best suite for the experienced patient. Gary Payton marijuana strain 3.5g high in THC and very low in CBD, the Gary Payton marijuana strain is a unique variety with a powerful flavor that can only be described as gas-like strain which is  named after the NBA Hall of Fame player with the same moniker. This weed is more likely to leave you on the couch watching the game than getting up and playing, thanks to a strong relaxing effect. Despite being slightly sativa dominant, Gary Payton marijuana strain 3.5g is relaxing and chill all the way. You’ll be apt to discuss your favorite stats or rewatch those classic games while indulging in Gary Payton. It’s not too different from other strains from the same breeder like Girl Scout Cookies OG in its balanced effects, but the flavor is definitely unique.