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Get To Know Us

Our History

Real Gas House Dispensary is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary that is run by a family. We’re in California, the heart of Cannabis, precisely at 634 Oak Ct, San Bernardino, CA 92410, United States. We strive to provide quality products and ensure customer satisfaction with every visit!

All of our products are sourced from licensed cannabis farms and lab-tested to ensure potency, safety, and efficacy. Our strains have won numerous awards for flavor, freshness, and strength. You get everything you want, from intense body stimulation to soothing cerebral relaxation. Furthermore, our strains can assist in relieving the pain, fatigue, and stress that life throws at us. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the experience as much as you do the look of our products. Overdosing is not encouraged because it can lead to physical dependence. As long as you keep it normal, you will reap the benefits.

Our Story

In previous years, people who wanted to use weeds had to look for the necessary product and spend more money to get it. So we got into a plan to make things a little easier for cannabis lovers, we designed our website so we could facilitate the purchase of marijuana. Our goal is to ensure consistent provision of quality cannabis products to our customers so the numerous weed selling websites available on the internet could learn from us and continue the tradition we have been practizing for over a decade now

Real Gas House is all about providing an exciting experience from Cannabis and the sensation that comes with it. Without a doubt, we have distinguished ourselves from our competitor by not using additives and preservatives. The high-quality ingredients in the products have been designed to get you to the top and keep you there. We personally handpick only experienced Farmers who have a genius at extending their experience by creating potent buds. So get ready for a memorable sensory adventure with every single strain you order here. Stay positive and motivated as we strive to bring you better products every day!

Our Future

We will continue to support nation wide acceptance of weed and ensure quality products are distributed when this dream becomes a reality.

Weed is a recreational product that has been legalized in the majority of states and countries. The best thing about weeds is that they can be used both recreationally and medicinally. As a result, many countries are legalizing the use of weeds and their derivatives.

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